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packaging machinery development breakthrough urgent need to support the growth of the industry

2017/5/22      view:

  packaging machinery development breakthrough urgent need to support the growth of the industry

  for a long time, china's packaging machinery field has maintained a remarkable pace of development. however, with the rapid development of all walks of life, especially in the fields of medicine, food and other fields, the technology of packaging machinery is required to keep up with the technology to improve the practical and reliable packaging services.

  according to the china machinery industry federation of survey statistics, china's packaging machinery industry continues to grow at around 16% per year. after a long period of market expansion, the current industry has entered a period of integration and adjustment, industrial structure is not balanced has affected the operation of the industry, complete sets of large-scale equipment still need to rely on imports has not been significantly improved, the transition of technology has hindered our packaging machinery to the international market, the situation has become a sustained and stable.

  insiders pointed out that the packaging machinery industry how to break through the siege, innovation and development, we should appeal to the relevant professional supporting industry continues to grow and expand, to give the packaging machinery industry greater support. only in this way can we make the whole industry chain health development, production of high precision, professional large sets of production lines, to meet the future of china and the world's huge demand for packaging machinery.

  relevant experts believe that the packaging industry as a supporting industry in many areas of the national economy, is to promote the consumption, zhang xian value of the industry, its technology and supporting services to other industries to bring a profound impact. at present, there are more and more diversified and personalized packaging field, which also put forward higher requirements for packaging machinery. can adapt to different shapes and materials of packaging needs, whether to improve the level of automation control, can guarantee the beauty and accuracy of packaging is the packaging machinery industry in the future development of the requirements.