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packaging machinery industry is not strong and the need to improve the supporting industry

2017/5/22      view:

 packaging machinery industry is not strong and the need to improve the supporting industry

  although the packaging machinery industry in china did not sit still, but only as soon as possible to scientific and technological innovation, close to users, independent research and development of business instead of blindly introduction and imitation of the traditional mode, in order to make china's packaging industry and healthy development of the market, and as soon as possible to catch up with the advanced level in the world.

  in the reflection of china's packaging machinery industry how to break through the siege, innovation and development, we should also appeal to the relevant professional supporting industry continues to grow and expand, to give the packaging machinery industry greater support. only in this way can we make the whole industry chain health development, production of high precision, professional large sets of production lines, to meet the future of china and the world's huge demand for packaging machinery.

  china's packaging machinery to meet the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry needs, and actively participate in international competition, it is necessary to break the small and scattered industry trend. industry insiders believe that the future packaging industry will cooperate with industrial automation trend, on the technical development of the diversification of the mechanical functions, structure design standardization, modularization and control intelligent, the structure of high accuracy direction of development.

  experts say, improve the level of automation and quality of the whole packaging chain, is a modern pharmaceutical companies to implement the gmp specification is a very important part. every machine of the real modern packaging machinery should be controlled by computer and has high resolution of material and thickness.

  china's packaging machinery industry has a broad space for learning, in the current industry is facing a new round of structural adjustment, technological upgrading, product upgrading, domestic enterprises need to develop their own business and enhance competitiveness, in order to become a giant of the packaging machinery industry.

  anyway, china's packaging machinery industry to follow the guidance of national policy, adhere to the bold and innovative, seize the initiative, to seize market opportunities and technological opportunities, and constantly improve the level of innovation, the real become the subject of technological innovation.