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nature filling machine without affecting the original nutrition of fruit juice

2017/5/22      view:
nature filling machine without affecting the original nutrition of fruit juice
now the juice beverage and liquid foods in the majority, orange juice high accepting rate among consumers, several other primary tastes such as apples, grapes and other also occupies sizable proportion, fruit juice tastes is a diversified open trend, tea drinks into the store dairy drinks, carbonated beverages, pure water and momentum is not reduced as a strong competitor of fruit juice, fruit juice let open road full height, the filling machine also presents great view, diversification of fruit juice also opened now filling, concentration differences, fruit juice beverage market to filling filling machine for bottled acidic and carton packaging of aseptic cold filling and divided into primary hot filling in two ways, many consumers of the two open way under the contrast of curiosity, do comparison:
cold filling is the ultra high temperature sterilization product after cooling to room temperature, in artificial aseptic environment bangbian, filling with hydrogen peroxide sterilization bottles or cartons, cap after hydrogen peroxide sterilization screwed. cold filling on the product taste, the effect of the nutritional quality is small, pet data use is also less, but the equipment investment is 1 times more than the hot filling. fruit juice cold filling map is as follows:
hot filling is the product of high temperature sterilization to 90 degrees after the distribution of the temperature of the bottle, after the screw is good, with the temperature of the material itself to the bottle and cover. such products adhere to the high temperature condition, the taste, nutritional composition of the damage more.
in the aseptic packaging category, there is also cold filling and hot filling. aseptic cold filling is concentrated juice, jam after sterilization cooling poured into 220 liters of vat, the shelf life of more than one year. hot irrigation is the use of 18 liters of tin bucket, the 85~90 of the material after irrigation, but also with the material on the barrel sterilization, and then cooling, relatively speaking, this kind of skills on product nutrition damage, low production power, time-consuming, most of which have been selected.
aseptic cold filling only use uht ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization, the material heat treatment time is not crossed 30 seconds; and selection of hot filling of sterilization measures the material for a long time in high temperature conditions, seriously affect the product taste, color and heat sensitive nutrition prime, such as vitamin content. the whole aseptic cold filling is better than hot filling, milk, bottled water, such as huiyuan carton of pure fruit juice drinks basically are cold filling. pet bottles cf hard, thick with bright orange and coca-cola fruit orange and so is generally hot filling, the roof of the package is also a bit hot filling.